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The company behind the solution

About the company

Metamaze is a spin-off that was incubated by the Belgian’s leading AI & ML powerhouse Faktion to solve a specific A.I. data extraction problem for a prestigious client in the Belgian financial sector. The goal was to make the smartest possible Intelligent Document Processor in existence that is at the same time easy for end-users to implement and integrate into existing workflows.

Metamaze believes in the extraordinary value of people. All too often, human capital within organizations remains unused and underestimated. It is the vision of Metamaze that as of 2021 it is no longer acceptable that the true potential of human capital is wasted by performing mind-numbing repetitive data entry work. Metamaze believes the world can be a better, safer, and more effective place when every person is exploiting its strengths to the maximum. The people at Metamaze, therefore, believe that AI (Artificial Intelligence) can, should and will significantly improve employee satisfaction and operational efficiency in the future.

About the platform

Metamaze is an Antwerp-based SaaS company that puts the power of data extraction using Artificial Intelligence in the hands of business users, without the need for writing code. In so doing Metamaze supplies innovative enterprises with the ultimate tool to automate the menial parts of their document processing work, and thus provide a solid foundation for digitalization. Making it easy yet powerful was the goal from the start for this Antwerp-based software company.

Information and documents change all the time, so your intelligent document processing (IDP) software must learn and adapt with it.

– Niels Van Weereld, CEO Metamaze

Where Metamaze makes the biggest difference is in their AI expertise. Users only need half the time and effort to reach the same automation results as competitors in the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) market that lack the “brains in the background” to achieve the same results. As it stands, competitors fall short in the most important aspect: how to build custom machine learning models that continuously learn. In this regard, Metamaze software is distinguished by its proprietary deep learning algorithm that requires only a few exceptional documents to be annotated to gain the most learnings possible. In essence, one only needs 50% of the documents to reach the same accuracy in Straight Through Processing (STP) as other IDP platforms. As a result, AI will free up office workers to do more value-adding activities across all departments.

Behind the team

Niels Van Weereld, CEO

Niels has a background in Economics and Business Management and has elaborate experience in consulting clients in incorporating technological and innovative solutions.
It is Niels’ mission is to educate and help clients in identifying AI and IDP opportunities that ensure true business value, as well as guiding them through the process of successfully implementing and adopting these new technologies.
Jos Polfliet

Jos Polfliet, CTO

For the past 8 years, Jos has contributed to 100+ Artificial Intelligence projects in various industries, countries, and use cases.
For the past 4 years, Jos has created and led multiple Artificial Intelligence implementation teams including the teams at Faktion, Chatlayer, and now Metamaze. His mission is to inspire companies and individuals to benefit greatly from the use of AI and ML by doing useful things.

Lieven Dhaene, CFO

Lieven is an experienced Chief Financial Officer with a demonstrated history of working for rapidly-growing and ambitious tech startups.

Having extraordinary skills in Internal Audit, Coaching, Accounting, Management, and Mergers & Acquisitions, Lieven is our number-crunching financial wizard to support our ambitious growth plans. Lieven holds a Master’s degree in Applied Economics from the University of Antwerp.

Stefanie Caenen, CPO

Stefanie has a strong track record in guiding financial institutions in their digital transformation. 
Over the past 6 years, she has led and participated in innovative projects at several banks and insurances with the main focus on process improvement. Her mission is to add value for business users and improve the operational way of working with the use of AI and IDP. Stefanie has obtained a master’s degree in both applied economics and finance.

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