Belgian AI week meets Metamaze

What To Expect?

During this week, organised by the vibrant AI ecosystem in Belgium, with the full support of the regions and the federal level, every citizen, expert or not, will have the opportunity to discover the fascinating perspectives of artificial intelligence in our country.


Belgium is right on track to becoming an Artificial Intelligence powerhouse. For all of you curious about the state of AI in Belgium, this is your chance to become completely up to speed.

Our very own CTO, Jos Polfliet, will be part of a panel discussion about scaling and education….
Jos has already packed a boatload of “bold statements“, such as: “Universities get too much money”. If you wonder what he means by that, be sure to register for free at: or follow @Meta_maze on Twitter to follow the live tweets of this Citizen Debate, Wednesday the 17th at 18u00!

Some core issues

  • How to deploy artificial intelligence in our society in an ethical and responsible manner?
  • What do these new technologies concretely enable in everyday life for health or mobility?
  • What role should government play in the development of artificial intelligence?
  • How are startups and scale-ups related to artificial intelligence evolving in our country?
  • What about our researchers?

The program includes

  • Presentations by international personalities
  • Thematic and participatory workshops
  • Announcements of new books and the publication of the results of several studies
  • Citizen debates
  • A plenary sessions on the occasion of AI4Belgium’s second anniversary.

Registration link

Register for free at

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