Belgian AI Week Recap

The state of the Belgian AI labour market

Metamaze CTO, Jos Polfliet joined a panel discussion during the Belgian AI week about the state of the Belgian AI labour market. As we promised in our announcement post, Jos delivered some bold statements.

You can watch a replay of this panel discussion on Youtube (NL/ENG):

Bold statements

As the discussion was centred around the state of the Belgian AI labour market, many different opinions were shared. Yet, there was one clear theme running through all of them: there is a clear need for a more “diverse” set of AI specialists.

Not every AI specialists needs to be a mathematician or data engineer — because one also need software developers to create an amazing product like Metamaze.

If we take note of Peter Hellinckx’ remarks, we luckily see the interest in AI grow in his pool of students at UAntwerpen.

Promising future in the AI labour market

What the entire panel agreed upon was the fact that AI is unique in a particular way: one can get started with it for free. As in, everything you need to know to get started with Artificial Intelligence is freely available online.

Up next

Metamaze CCO Niels Van Weereld will be joining Virtual Data Innovation Summit the 30th of March, to demonstrate how Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) helps the financial industry gain maximum operational efficiency. Be sure to register for this free event:

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