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Summer and the holiday season are just around the corner and now that the world is slowly but steadily opening up again, we organized our first in-person networking event! 

It’s been a while since we’ve launched our Intelligent Document Processing platform and now felt like the perfect time to give all of our (potential) partners, some updates on who we are, where we are with the platform and how we could develop business together in this exciting domain of AI, through our Partner Program. 

That’s why we hosted the Metamaze CONNECT day at De Koninck Brewery, an inspiring day for existing and future Metamaze partners!

Metamaze Goodie Bags for every participant

At this unique location we shared an afternoon packed with insights into the 2.0 version of our platform and what it is like to work with it as a partner. And of course some good food, Antwerp beer and lovely partner-to-partner conversations to close the day and spark that summer feeling. During the day, the following activities we foreseen:

Brewery Visit

Some call it ‘the most enjoyable adventure in Antwerp’ and we provided it as a welcome present to our partners: a tour through the City Brewery! With countless interactive experiences and the ability to visit the brewery at your own pace, it offered a great chance to explore the Antwerp beer culture. Moreover, before and during the tour all participants were treated to a perfectly tapped tasting beer.

Partner Lunch

What better way to network than with good food. During an outdoor lunch Metamaze Partners and potential partners got the chance to get to know each other and enjoy a tasty lunch served by the Butcher’s Store Antwerp.

Lunch at De Koninck

Presentation Metamaze 2.0

The team has been working hard on building a version 2.0 of the Metamaze platform which includes tons of partner-specific features. Metamaze CONNECT was the perfect moment to give our partners a glimpse into the near future and share all these incredible features with them.

New opportunities for you as a partner range from managing multiple clients projects way easier, sharing models over different end-clients and using a whole new state-of-the-art Zorro model for masked training. If you are interested to find out what we presented and how this could impact the efficiency of your company, please reach out via the contact details at the bottom.

Niels Van Weereld (CEO, Metamaze)
Jos Polfliet (CTO, Metamaze) and Stefanie Caenen (CPO, Metamaze)

Coffee Break

After the first part of the presentation, the whole group was invited to the De Koninck bar for a coffee (+ ‘Antwerpse Handjes’) break. Questions were answered and business cards were exchanged between a group of like-minded people who’s goal is to eliminate boring work.

Presentation: Metamaze Partner Program

At Metamaze we are laser focused on helping organizations achieve the highest levels of intelligent document automation. We unlock the power of collaboration, by combining the world’s most comprehensive Intelligent Document Processing platform with the skills and technologies of other top companies. This ecosystem of innovative organizations is the foundation of the Metamaze partner program. During the second part of the CONNECT day, the different ways of working together were explained and illustrated with partner testimonials of Robonext and Reimagine.

If you also understand IDP to be critical to your customers’ success, we would love to have you become our partner and enable your customers to make a smooth transition into the future of artificial intelligence and document automation. Reach out via and discover all partnership possibilities.

Jo Cijnsmans (Business Development Manager, Metamaze)
Joris Van Ostaeyen (CSO, Robonext)

Networking: Open Bar

To end this inspiring first Metamaze CONNECT edition, all participants were invited to an open bar networking session at the beautiful terrace of the De Koninck brewery. With all Covid rules in mind, local Antwerp beer, fine snacks and real in-person conversations were enjoyed.

We would like to thank everyone who was present and already look forward to our next event!

If you have any questions or would like to join a Metamaze CONNECT event, please reach out to us via LinkedIn or E-mail. ( or




Presentations were given by:

- Niels Van Weereld, CEO
- Jos Polfliet, CTO
- Stefanie Caenen, CPO
- Jo Cijnsmans, Business Development Manager

Joris Van Ostaeyen
Chief Strategy Officer

Joris is Chief Strategy Officer at Robonext and gave a presentation on the collaboration of Metamaze and Robonext in hyperautomation. (RPA + IDP)

Toon Lybaert

Toon is Co-founder at Reimagine and gave a presentation on the collaboration of Metamaze and Reimagine in Intelligent Document Processing.

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