Teambuilding Summer 2021

Finally we had the chance to hold our first in-person teambuilding event with the Metamaze team! Together with our brothers and sister of and Faktion of the Antwerp AI scene, a fun and inspiring afternoon was spent.

Lunch & Game Briefing

First, a nice welcome lunch was served at the brand new (By Sinch) Office, where the whole team was briefed on the exciting mission we were about to embark.

Joeri Van Steen (Founder Faktion, Metamaze and

Outdoor Mystery Event

During a city-wide, crime-solving adventure game, small teams had to interrogate virtual witnesses across the city of Antwerp to solve the case of ‘The Ripper’. Each team got two to three hours to solve the puzzle before it was too late…

Reception and Award Ceremony

Both failure and victory found an ending at the terrace of Felix Pakhuis, where everybody was able to catch their breath and relieve some tension with a few drinks in a privatized, covid-proof area or the team.

Dinner and drinks

This might be considered the apotheosis of the day. As in the good old days, we were able to feast from an abundance of exquisite barbecue food while reconnecting to the colleagues we were separated from for too long, and meeting the new talents within our teams who we still haven’t had the chance to greet properly.

Leaving aside the unfortunate result of the Red Devils, this was a very succesful summer teambuilding with a great group of Antwerp (and international) AI experts.

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Metamaze Team


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