Automate Everything

AI everywhere

  • 9AI Document type recognition
  • 9AI Language detection
  • 9AI Page management
  • 9AI Data extraction
  • 9AI Data validation

Mind the art in the Artificial Intelligence

Human - Machine team

  • 9Manual intervention

Customise Anything

  • 9Several labelling methods (AI assisted, multi-labelling, pattern labelling, manual)
  • 9Define your own shortcuts
  • 9Business rule processing
  • 9Role based user system
  • 9Add guidelines to contextual documentation

Made to fit out of the box
Ready to suit the unique

Control, measure & predict

  • 9Live monitoring (production pipeline / manual intervention / labelling and training)
  • 9Analysis: application performance
  • 9Analysis: user performance
  • 9Analysis: data quality
  • 9Extensive logging

Add science to expectations

Designed for people

  • 9A user interface to shape a superior experience

Fulfil expectation beyond imagination

Built for enterprises

  • 9Anywhere, anytime: 100% browser based
  • 9Safe: high levels of encryption, GDPR compliant, single sign on, multi-factor authentication
  • 9Scalable: (up to millions of pages per day / unlimited volume / unlimited userbase / back-up)
  • 9Centralised workflow
  • 9In the cloud and on premise
  • 9Flexible licensing: pay what you use

Scalable & robust