Add brains to the core of your company

Streamline all kinds of unstructured information into meaningful, validated and structured data.

Many organisations face common issues in their data management

  • too much data
    • to keep the overview
    • and even to process in time — as human entry slows down the input
  • too many locations their data gets stored, without any relation between them
  • repetitive input of the same data, resulting in duplicates & errors
  • inconsistent data structure: variation of terminology hides similarities + misses out on validation while it’s actually possible
  • lost informative context in the digitalisation process
  • unverified input can lead to abuse of trust and fraud

sounds familiar?

Metamaze is your solution. 

Just like a brain, you experience its intelligence.

Turn passive data into active notifications

(about how stored data becomes automatically a validator for new input — and is able to alert when something’s wrong)

Just like in a brain, information is connected.

Use human expertise to teach the machine

Acknowledge employees and make use of their human competences.

Their input to training data will transform the AI models to completely fit your company’s needs and push performance beyond a human level.

Just like a brain, the application is able to learn.

Labelling. A better method to input information than filling databases by hand.

You don’t need to do “extra work” in the process of implementation.

Labelling to train replaces the current way of inputting information. Only in a different manner..

Just like a brain, you improve it by using it.