Release 1.7

Release notes

Focus on training

  • It’s now possible to send multiple relevant documentsfrom production to training.
  • Metamaze suggests QA tasks and ranks them by importance.
  • Performance boost from additional training is measured.

Better QA tasks

  • Buttons ‘mark as done’ and ‘failed’ have been added.
  • You are able to park a document for later/deeper review.
  • Clear view on missing, added and deleted labels during human validation.
  • You can filter by date.
  • SeveralUI/UX improvements.

Redesigned navigation

  • Modules have been regrouped to match Metamaze’s logic.
  • Menu items as text by default.
  • The user is able to free up the screen entirely from navigation.

Park & Ride

  • When you’re in doubt on how a specific issue should be treated during human validation, you’ll be able to park it and add a comment for follow-up.
  • You can easily filter on parked documents.

Sticky filters

  • Filters are saved during human validation.
  • If no results have been found, a message is shown.
  • You see an indication when filtering is active.

Experience enhancements

Remove spaces and validation regex in project settings
Filter white pages out in the page management module.
The page management module shows which pages aren’t used.

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