Automate all your document processes with Metamaze.

Metamaze is a no-code Intelligent Document Processing platform that uses AI to automate every document and email workflow.

Use AI to automate your document processing.

Don’t waste valuable human capital and lose data insights on manual document processing. Our Intelligent Document Processing platform can help you automate every document and incoming email workflow with minimal human intervention.


Our AI algorithms read and interpret documents and emails to extract information and data by themselves.

No-code platform

Intuitive user interface developed for any business user to create new models in no time.


One central place to automate all your enterprise document processes faster and more accurate than ever before.

Go beyond traditional OCR

Classic template-based solutions only work for limited amounts of layouts that don’t change over time. However, once things become more complex with higher variation, you’ll need an approach based on Artificial Intelligence. 

Processing documents without Metamaze

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Processing documents with Metamaze

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Latest news & resources

Get inspired by the stories of innovative enterprises that saved time and resources with Metamaze or take a deep dive into our resource library.

Automation is key for companies that want to remain competitive in a fast-paced and quickly changing world. TheValueChain and Metamaze partner up.

A lot of companies are answering the high inflation environment with price increases. But we believe that companies need to rethink their answer far beyond the traditional commercial levers. Learn how you can make a difference and increase margins in this article.

Metamaze was again present at Multimodaal at Breda. We had a bunch of interesting conversations and Jo gave a well-received keynote about implementing IDP in the logistics & transportation industry. Here you get a summary of what the keynote was about.

Mentioned by Gartner

Metamaze is mentioned in the Gartner Market Guide for IDP. To support business leaders in their research of the market and vendors, Gartner has published the Market Guide for Intelligent Document Processing Solutions. Request report via button below.

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