Invoices Lower the cost of processing invoices using end-to-end AI Metamaze automatically handles your invoice processing end-to-end using deep learning. Reduce the margin of error, increase efficiency and lower the cost of administrating invoices. Legal documents Turn Metamaze into your AI legal assistant Handling complex documents, such as legal agreements, is a costly process, requiring multiple manual reviews by experts. Using Metamaze you can offload a great amount of workload and increase the performance of your legal team. Email Optimize your workflows by automatically handling your emails Many digital journeys start with an email and documents in attachment. Being able to intelligently interpret and correctly classify thousands of incoming emails, and attached documents, is the beginning of optimized and efficient digital processes. Either as part of a compliance initiative, or simply optimizing your email routing, Metamaze is the backbone you need. GET IN TOUCH

How does it work?

Metamaze enables business leaders to make their organization more productive by automating the processing of documents, so the human workforce can increase their focus on delivering added value. We do this by using AI to assist humans in processing documents.


Why does Metamaze leave its competitors behind?

Best-in-class AI technology

By using  deep learning algorithms, Metamaze technology processes both simple documents as well as complex and unstructured documents.

Whether you wish to use Metamaze to process invoices or complex legal agreements, Metamaze intelligently interprets documents with a near-human level of precision.

Enterprise-built, usable by anyone

Being able to process large volumes of documents at a breakneck pace and at a high quality is vital to make business processes more efficient.

While built for enterprises, Metamaze offers advanced features, compliance, ease of use, and general scalability at a cost that enables even small organizations to automate their document workflows.

User-friendly pipeline management

Being able to access the power of Metamaze through a user-friendly interface that is easy-to-use and enables fast interactions is a crucial component for any organization that is looking to deploy a truly cost-saving solution.

Control every aspect of your processing pipeline, manage business rules, set notifications, and report relevant metrics in easy to access dashboards.

Unique Selling Points


Monitor costs, performance, and quality metrics of your processing solution in real-time, so you can support continuous quality improvements.

Managed Pipeline

Configure your projects and every step of your document automation pipeline, using a flexible and easy to use user interface.

Integrate with APIs

Establish end-to-end document processing flows by integrating Metamaze’s API with third party API software.

Smart page management

Intelligently collating and regrouping individual pages into catalogued documents that are fit for further automated processing.

Flexible AI training

Using Metamaze’s user-friendly interface you can either use our pre-trained machine learning models or train your own models.

Platform overview

Metamaze is capable of ingesting multiple document types, and sources. Whether it is an Office 365 document, email, or scanned PDF, Metamaze will interpret the contents of the documents with a near-human like precision and extract its relevant values to send them to various backend systems for further processing.
Multiple Input Types and Sources
Artificial Intelligent Processing
Output & Integration

Would you like to have a live demonstration?

The best way to get a grasp of Metamaze’s potential is by putting your own documents into the system. We can set up a sandbox environment and tweak the document flow tailored to your business process. This way, you’ll get a real-life impression on which you can trust to calculate the savings Metamaze will generate from the start.

Some context about the initial scope

In order to set up an environment that matches your current situation, the challenges we should deal with, and the goals to fulfill your expectations, we'd like to have a few figures from you. It's okay if you don't want to share this in this stage already if our meeting is meant to be explorational.
Check one or more of the listed document types you plan to process.


End-to-End integrations using the Metamaze API

Metamaze offers a robust and scalable set of API services to communicate and exchange extracted data and metadata from documents, enabling true end-to-end automated processing of documents.

Integrate with legacy systems by adding RPA

When no APIs are available, Metamaze seamlessly integrates with various RPA platforms such as UIPath, BluePrism, etc. Using our trusted RPA partners, we are sure Metamaze’s AI collaborates flawlessly with RPA solutions to integrate with legacy systems.

Use cases

No matter what industry you’re in, Metamaze brings optimizations to several business units independently, and even serves a unique solution to cross-departmental information management. Metamaze opens the door to new ways of data-exchange, eliminating repetitive input of the same information – and thus preventing inevitable errors from manual input – adding automated verification, and revealing data inconsistencies.

Some of the use cases Metamaze has been innovating in


incubated by Faktion

Based on a strong legacy of AI solution engineering, Faktion incubates various AI technologies and is behind some of the leading AI companies in Europe. Having a strong entrepreneurial DNA, Faktion continuously explores B2B market opportunities with the intent to spin off these opportunities into standalone companies with the business model and technology to grow world-class organizations.