Assess the maturity of your business

Capability Maturity Model

for successful implementation of an Intelligent Document Processing solution

How mature should my organization be to create tangible value from acquiring an IDP solution for my specific use-case?

is my organization ready?

How sophisticated should an IDP solution be to fulfill the promise of substantial ROI when incorporating it into our information flow?

is the product qualified?

How demanding are the operational requirements, and how specific are the people's expectations towards implementing an IDP solution?​

compliance / change management

These are three main questions you should pose upfront.

Not only do the answers enlight your path to the appropriate vendor, but they also outline the framework and context necessary to bring this technological innovation to fruit. It is the proper start to draw a steady roadmap for advancing your business information flows and energize all desirable people to become enthusiastically involved.

How to resolve these questions?

We figured out there is almost no accessible and easy to comprehend reference guide available to help you answer these questions on your own.

Much useful information appears to be incredibly technical, written by engineers and scientists, while the more popular resources are rather persuasive and created for apparent marketing purposes.

Then how could you ever obtain a clear view of all the parameters to initiate a decision process in which balance is critical? This was the main reason to create the first instrument of our upcoming toolbox.

Strategic Maturity
Organizatonal Maturity
Technological Maturity
Skill & Resourcing Maturity
Adoption Maturity

Plot your IDP Maturity based on 32 relevant categories within 5 major domains.

We're here to help!

We created a concise guide with a list of unbiased and generally accepted benchmarks, allowing you to map all criteria involved onto a maturity chart.

It’s a standard assessment tool that conforms to the many being used in various areas of industry to enable measurability and provide comparability.

Yes, we know this objectivity might divert you from considering Metamaze as the most suitable partner for your goal when the result shows an insufficient match. And while Metamaze covers a wide range of use-cases and has unique features to the market, some customers will be better off with a competitor. We strongly believe we should only commit to a client when we are convinced to offer the best solution, as it’s the only way to bring fulfillment; to the max.

Thus, completing this run-through will deliver a foundation of insights from which you’ll be able to take the next steps towards Intelligent Document Processing. With confidence.

Whenever you have questions or remarks regarding your maturity benchmark for an IDP solution, please reach out to our experts. They’ll be delighted to assist you.