Vanden Broele Productions managed to save hours of manual document processing

Vanden Broele Productions, a subsidiary of the Vanden Broele Group NV, is working for multiple local governments and institutions with regard to the digitalisation of physical documents and files. These archives, containing documents dating back from the 1970’s until the present, are typically stored in large carton boxes, containing a variety of documents that are in no way structured or organised.

In order to facilitate efficient archiving, Vanden Broele was forced to manually process these huge amounts of documents. Concretely: they had to open all the boxes one-by-one, take the documents out, and organize them manually.

Tedious and mind-numbing tasks

Taking into account the different steps that needed to be performed, this was a tedious and mind-numbing task:

Future proof with IDP

It soon became clear that this process was not future-proof nor scalable in any way, something that could easily be fixed by implementing the Metamaze Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution.

No-code platform

Although there was no previous experience with Intelligent Document Processing solutions, the teams at Vanden Broele were astonished by the steep learning curve that was enabled by the intuitive User Interface.

“Even without any prior coding or AI experience we were able to quickly adopt the new skillset that was needed to implement and handle this new technology, thanks to the professional and continuous support of the Metamaze experts.”

“Ever since the implementation of Metamaze, the archiving process has been simplified and became significantly more efficient. No more manual segregation and classification of documents and we were able to say ‘goodbye’ to the manually generated QR-codes.”


All that is needed now, is to put these piles of documents on the scanning device and Metamaze takes care of the rest:

Results are remarkable. We were able to achieve an automation level of over 85% (!) in just 3 weeks, freeing the Vanden Broele teams of hours and hours of manual and boring work, so they can now focus on what really matters.


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