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Read the event recap of our partner event: Connect 2023. 

Last week, the iconic “Het Havenhuis” in Antwerp provided a captivating backdrop for our event – Metamaze Connect 2023. This extraordinary afternoon was orchestrated with a singular mission in mind: to unite and inspire our partner network in the realm of Intelligent Document Processing, come.

Anchoring in excellence

As the raindrops danced on the glass windows of “Het Havenhuis,” we embarked on our journey with unwavering enthusiasm. This grand location offered breathtaking views of Antwerp’s harbor, reminding us that sometimes, the most beautiful moments are found in the midst of a storm.

After the enlightening keynotes, we invited our attendees to join us on the magnificent “Evanna” yacht. This luxurious vessel which you might know from Gert Late Night, had been relocated from its usual dock at “Het MAS” to “Het Havenhuis,” setting the scene for our network drink.

Illuminating insights

Our event was graced by a constellation of thought leaders, each delivering keynotes about trends in IDP, real-world use cases, …:

Metamaze's vision on the future of IDP

Niels Van Weereld, our CEO, painted a vivid picture of Metamaze’s future vision, showing how IDP is poised to transform businesses. Jos Polfliet (CTO) and Mohamed Kadi (Product Manager) unveiled Metamaze’s product strategy and vision, unveiling the roadmap to IDP excellence.

10 lessons learned from implementing IDP projects

Jo Cijnsmans (Partnership Manager) and Seppe Van Isterdael (Project Manager) shared invaluable lessons gleaned from implementing IDP projects in diverse companies, offering practical wisdom. Curious to get a summary of the insights? Contact partnership manager Jo.

Inspiration from concrete use cases

Alain Dewispelaere from Input For You captivated us with a case study on implementing IDP at Belgium’s largest insurer, shedding light on real-world successes. 

Jonas Bert and David Jacobs, representing TheValueChain, showcased their remarkable end-to-end invoice automation solution with SAP, offering a glimpse into the future of seamless processes.

Round table with IDP experts

Our round table discussion brought together a plethora of IDP experts, sparking interesting conversations about the opportunities, challenges, and the market evolution of Intelligent Document Processing.

Honoring Excellence

The Metamaze tradition continued with the presentation of awards celebrating our partners’ remarkable achievements:

Raising our glasses

As the award ceremony came to an end, the “Evanna” yacht gracefully sailed from its ‘het Mas’ to dock at “Het Havenhuis.” Attendees were invited to a network drink, to forge connections, and let partnerships flourish.

Metamaze Connect 2023 was an afternoon of unwavering inspiration, recognition, and camaraderie, where we learned that with determination and a shared vision, we can weather any storm. We thank all our partners for making it a success, and we eagerly anticipate the next horizon of achievements and possibilities that lie ahead in the world of Intelligent Document Processing. Until next time, let’s continue sailing toward success together.

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Curious to know more about our Partner Program? Reach out to Jo Cijnsmans.

Curious to know more about our partner program?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Jo Cijnsmans, our partnership manager. 

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