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Automation of incoming insurance claims at Keypoint

Metamaze was implemented just before storm Eunice hit Belgian territory in 2022. While the entire insurance industry was trying to handle high workloads, all invoices and quotations were processed automatically with Metamaze at Keypoint’s offices. Literally saved before the storm. 😉
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Keypoint wanted to automate the incoming property claims, because processing all the quotations and invoices manually took too much time and effort. This resulted in slower handling of claims and thus longer waiting times for customers. These documents need to be processed, because it is important to capture all the data on them as accurately as possible and store it as structured data. By implementing Metamaze, Keypoint now does this faster and more accurate than ever before.

About Keypoint

Keypoint is a digital assistant for everyone that has decision-making authority in relation to maintenance, repairs and (daily) management of real estate property. They created a digital platform that connects all parties and automates the file management. Keypoint repair is the biggest service they provide currently and is about repairing property damage. Keypoint is the reference partner when for property managers that want to outsource non-core administration and focus on what is actually important.

Easy integration

It was important for Keypoint to find a solution that would automate as much document processing as possible, as accurately as possible. But another priority was how easily the solution could be integrated. Metamaze was the clear choice when it came to those two priorities. The platform was quickly integrated within the company and automates 80% of incoming documents, without the need of human intervention. Furthermore, the Metamaze models constantly keep improving themselves.

Perfect timing

“The integration of Metamaze started at the perfect moment. A few days before storm Eunice. This came as a blessing.”

Tijs Corneillie, Co-founder Keypoint

Metamaze was implemented just before storm Eunice hit Belgian territory. This storm wreaked havoc in Belgium and caused more than 500 million euro in damages. This, in turn, caused extremely high numbers of insurance claims that were submitted, creating enormous amounts of documents that needed to be processed by Keypoint. Luckily, Metamaze was integrated right before all these documents flooded Keypoint’s systems. So, all invoices and quotations were processed automatically. Without Metamaze, all these documents would have been processed manually and would have slowed down the entire business.

Why Metamaze was the perfect fit

The Metamaze platform is easily implemented and doesn’t require any intervention of the Metamaze employees once the training is done. So, the Keypoint employees get trained to use the interface and thereafter do not require any help from the outside because the platform is so user-friendly and straightforward to work in. This doesn’t mean that Keypoint employees are on themselves when there are questions or hiccups. They can always count on the Metamaze team to help solve any problems that may arise. The models also improve themselves over time thanks to the deep learning engine, which only improves accuracy scores.

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