Mailroom automation at Europ Assistance

Learn how insurer Europ Assistance is automating all incoming communications with Metamaze.

Insurers have to process tons of incoming communications that can enter their organizations through various channels and touchpoints. The classification and interpretation of these communications is crucial so it can be send over to the right departments for further processing. Europ Assistance realized that automating this process would improve the customer’s experience and free up time in the back office for more valuable tasks. 

In this case, we’ll show you how Europ Assistance is using Metamaze to automate this process. 

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Europ Assistance wanted to automate the incoming communication because it took too long process that information and provide the clients with answers. A lot of incoming communication from brokers and clients enter the organisation via email or even via letter.

Processing all these emails and letters requires a lot of time and effort. The data-entry team used to read every email and letter to decide the document type, interpret the context and forward it to the teams that need to process it further. Used to, because now the have Metamaze to automate this document processing.

“Since we started the project at the end of January 2022, the results are in line with the business case that was drafted. At the moment, 77% of the documents in scope are automated.”

About Europ Assistance

Europ Assistance is one of the market leaders when it comes to insurance and assistance. The company sells everything from travel insurance to roadside assistance to house and family assistance in for more than 200 countries. With 95 million customers worldwide Europ Assistance gets a lot of incoming communication that needs to be processed. The biggest challenge was tyring to improve the customer experience and providing better service to our clients

“The biggest challenge was to improve the customer’s experience. Providing a better service for our customers.”

The challenge

Europ Assistance encourages their customers and brokers to communicate via digital channels. When a client wants to sign with Europ Assistance, they get their contract via email, they sign it on the website, where they can view and adjust the contract. But a lot of customers and brokers still send emails or even letters instead of using the website. This communication needs to be processed, which takes a lot of time. Europ Assistance does not want to give up this form of communication, because they are known to be able to process it. Now they can do it even more quickly and accurately with Metamaze.

The solution

To solve this problem, Europ Assistance partnered with Reimagine. Europ Assistance trusted Reimagine to analyse the struggles they were facing and how to solve them. Because Reimagine frequently does research and analyses the market to stay on top of what’s new and changing in the world artificial intelligence. Together, they discussed what technology they would need to solve those issues as efficiently as possible. Very quickly, it became clear that Metamaze would be the best solution and that’s why they were selected.

Download the pdf below to know more details about the solution.

Downloaded detailed customer case:

The results

Metamaze replaces and automates the old backend communication platform that Europe Assistance used. Everything that is received from clients via letter or email used to be processed by the data-entry team. These people used to spend most of their time classifying, interpreting, and sorting all types of communication. Now the team is supported by Metamaze, which means they only have to intervene when the model isn’t sure if all the data is correct. Therefore, these employees have a lot more free time to dedicate to more valuable activities. After about one and a half months, the model has automated 77% of all documents in scope, which is in line with the business case that was drafted.

🛠 77% fully automated

📉 495 hours per month saved

🤩 greatly improved customer response time

In the video below, you can watch a full interview with Nicolas Hupliau (facility manager Europ Assistance) and Michel Kennis (ICT director Europ Assistance).

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