We benchmarked ourselves against Microsoft, Google and Amazon.

The past months, we’ve been working on some benchmarking experiments at Metamaze. We wanted to know more about the accuracy of our platform and how it’s measured against the big technology players like Microsoft, Google and Amazon. 

We performed a benchmark report on invoice models with Metamaze, Google Document AI, Microsoft AI builder and Amazon Textract

The experiment

We used invoices for the benchmark experiment. An invoice model was trained on all our invoice data except one dataset. This enabled us to replicate how a pretrained invoice model works.

Each provider extracts different entities, which is why we have different metrics for Metamaze models. When we compare with Google Invoice model, we only included the entities that both the Metamaze model and the Google model extract, and discarded the others. Same for the other providers: we always only take into account the entities that we have in common with the provider. List of entities per provider is included in the detailed report (see below).

The results

As you can see, Metamaze’s accuracy is performing better in every scenario. 

Download detailed report

Want to know more details about the experiment, download our benchmark report for free.

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