Metamaze Connect 2022 recap

This year, we decided to take our yearly partner event to the next level. Well, nine levels to be exact because the 2022 edition of Metamaze Connect was hosted at… ‘Het MAS’!

Each year we bring together a wide variety of industry and automation experts to introduce them to our existing partnership ecosystem. During an afternoon filled with presentations, good food and even better drinks we provide the chance to gather insights and network with like-minded peers. This year we had the honour of welcoming over 40 attendees from both local Belgian innovators, as established international consulting firms.

After a tasty lunch, Niels Van Weereld (CEO, Metamaze) kicked-off with a first presentation with a bit of reflection on the past years and a glimpse into the future of Metamaze as a company.  

“How did we grow to a team of 25+ with over 50 clients, 20 partners and active in 6 countries... in just two years?”
Niels Van Weereld
CEO Metamaze

Well, part of the answer lies in a succesful partner strategy as over 50% of the current Metamaze projects already involve a partner. It does, however, not stop there! Together with our existing partner network and potential new partners there’s still a 6 billion dollar market to be explored by the end of 2028. Therefore, we are doubling our investments into the partner program, increasing the focus on technology alliances and starting with rapid international expansion as we speak.

Sounds good, right? But what does it mean for you as a potential partner?
Well, some concrete examples on how we will increase support for Metamaze partners:

    • 💻 Metamaze Partner Portal (Ask Jo for access!)
      Find all information and collateral you need in one place and up-to-date.
    • ☎️ Deal registration form
      Become part of our 2-way lead-locking system and grow your business together with us.
    • 🎥 Onboarding videos and a dedicated customer success manager
      Enabling your team to become Metamaze experts and onboard clients in a smooth way.

This may all sound very positive and we don’t expect you to take our word for it. That is why we invited two of our partners to present a client case they have implemented with Metamaze:

Implementing order automation with Jorosoft at Group Nivelles

Glenn Roels from Jorosoft shared his insights on working on automating the incoming order flow into the ERP system of Group Nivelles, achieving an STP-rate of over 90%.

Interpretation of complex Certificates of Analysis with B_Robots at Globachem

Jo Vanpaeschen presented the work of B_Robots at Globachem on the automated data extraction, including complex line-items, from COA’s.

Since we had a room full of people heavily involved in technological innovation, we also took the occasion to share some insights into our product development. Starting from the developments which were made during the past years, all the way up to some sneak peeks into new features and our long-term product roadmap.

“How we went from our first customer pilot, to the only Benelux IDP player listed by Gartner.”
Niels Van Weereld
CEO Metamaze

At this point, benchmarks show that our IDP technology allows for 4x faster onboarding than other Document Processing platforms on the market. This is the result of heavily investing in product development and making the selection of the right features that help solve our client’s problem.

But we are not done yet. We are constantly improving our product based on multiple input factors, where customer and partner feedback play a key role.

Product roadmap Metamaze

We would also like to take this opportunity to first announce some features that will be released in the very near future:

    • 📈 Improvements on the already existing few-shot model
    • 📑 Better table annotation for documents with line-items
    • 📊 Extended model analytics for data scientists
    • 📖 Paragraph entities for long entities, eg. Contract clause detection.

With this we ensure that you as a Metamaze partner have a product with which your customers can achieve the highest possible levels of automation, with as little effort as possible.

Metamaze user interface: Model analytics

As mentioned earlier, we constantly monitor market and tech trends to define our strategy as an organisation. Fortunately, we have very experienced and well-represented partners who have some experts insights into these topics. During a roundtable session we gave the floor to:

Together with the audience, they discussed topics such as the opportunities, challenges and market evolution for IDP. It became clear that there are IDP use cases in basically any industry but there’s a difference in the speed of adoption. Also, even within Belgium there are some regional differences in the adoption of new technologies such as IDP and RPA. Here are some results from our audience poll:

This year was also the first year we introduced the Metamaze awards to highlight specific achievements of certain Metamaze partners. While we have a multitude of great partners and cases, we had to make a selection and this year’s winners are:

3D-printed awards created by KREATE

Finally, we were very delighted to welcome Rob from Diamond House to present our guests with a diamond cocktail. After a short introduction on the history of Antwerp as a diamond city, every attendee was given a glass of champagne including a diamond… But only one of them was real! After Rob and his wife carefully inspected the diamonds, Katrien (KPMG) was announced as the winner of the real diamond and a pleasant evening full of inspiring networking started!

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