Release 1.7

Focus on training

  • It’s now possible to send multiple relevant documents from production to training. 
  • Metamaze suggests QA tasks and ranks them by importance. 
  • Performance boost from additional training is measured. 

Better QA tasks

  • Button ‘mark as done’ and ‘failed’ have been added.
  • You are able to park a document for later/deeper review.
  • Clear view on missing, added and deleted labels during human validation.
  • You can filter by date.
  • Several UI/UX improvements.

Park & ride

  • When you’re in doubt on how a specific issue should be treated during human validation, you’ll be able to park it and add a comment for follow-up.
  • You can easily filter on parked documents.

Sticky filters

  • Filters are saved during human validation.
  • If no results have been found, a message is shown.
  • You see an indication when filtering is active.

Experience enhancements

  • Remove spaces and validation regex in project settings
  • Filter white pages out in the page management module.
  • The page management module shows which pages aren’t used.
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