Enterprise grade

The security, stability and maturity any organization expects. We’re ISO27001:2017 certified!

We're serious about security

Metamaze understands how data protection and security is a vital cornerstone of your organization and has a security-by-design approach. This means that security testing is an integral part of our software development lifecycle, security requirements are constantly considered as part of our roadmap.

Security by design

Using Single-Sign-On you can rest-assured Metamaze access is integrated within your federation, identification, and authentication landscape. With support for SAML SSO, Metamaze integrates seamlessly within common enterprise environments, such as Active Directory, OpenSSO, Red Hat Directory Servers, and more.

In order to further secure the access at an organizational level, Multi-Factor Authentication can be enabled, forcing users towards a more secure authentication for accessing Metamaze. Introducing these, and more, security features, Metamaze fits perfectly into your organization’s ISO27001 compliance.

Tenancy, user and role management

Having advanced role and user management capabilities, Metamaze provides granular access controls to its individual users and ensures that access to some of Metamaze’s features is properly allocated to the corresponding users and shields your IDP solution from accidental misuse or intentional abuse.

Detailed audit trail

A detailed audit trail provides end-to-end insights into the security and operational processes of Metamaze. These audit trails not only include all its automated activities of the platform, but also all human actions, such as manual validations, logons, labelling activities, and more.

This doesn’t only support security organizations, but equally provides valuable insights when interfacing with technical teams in terms of debugging.

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