Validate document information with business rules

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Validate document data with business rules

When information from a document is interpreted and extracted, in a lot of cases it’s interesting to validate this data. In Metamaze, we have set up the possibility to insert business rules, which help you do so. In a lot of business cases, it’s a crucial step. Imagine you’re a bank and you’re processing loan applications. When extracting information from a payment slip, you want to make sure the net salary is higher than 1/3rd of the monthly loan reimbursement. Business rules will help you validate that. 

Other examples of business rules

Setting-up business rules in Metamaze

The goal when building Metamaze was always to keep the interface intuitive for every business user, code-experience or not. Our business rule feature is a perfect example of that. Metamaze provides all the necessary settings for creating different conditions that can be combined via boolean operators such as AND and OR. This enables you to compare different elements with each other. The outcome of the validation of business rules is sent along with the output of the document and is also visible in the ‘production pipeline module” in which all information can be found of your processed documents in productions. 

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