We are Metamaze

Our team thrives in their mission to eliminate the world from boring, repetitive and mind-numbing work. Discover our story and DNA on this page.

On a mission

We believe in the extraordinary value of people. Too much human potential goes wasted by performing mind-numbing, repetitive data entry work. With Metamaze, we want to get rid of that so every person is exploiting its strengths to the maximum. 

A mature product, built on experience.

Metamaze is a spin-off that was incubated by the Belgian’s leading AI & ML powerhouse Faktion to solve a specific A.I. data extraction problem for a prestigious client in the Belgian financial sector. The goal was to make the smartest possible Intelligent Document Processor in existence that is at the same time easy for end-users to implement and integrate into existing workflows.

Our leadership & management

Jeroen Van Godtsenhoven

Board member

Alex Brabers

Chairman of the Board

Joeri Van Steen

Board member

Niels Van Weereld

CEO - Board Member

Jos Polfliet


Cedric Teyssen

VP Sales

Lieven Dhaene


Our awesome team

Tania De Grave

Office Manager

Antonio Peixe

Machine Learning engineer

Bart Van Miegem

Head of Engineering

Maarten Goossens

Account Executive

Jo Cijnsmans

Account executive and strategic partnership manager

Sietse Fierens

Account Executive

Dylan Corbeel

Customer success manager

Lara Deraes

Marketing manager

Stéphan Tulkens

Senior NLP Engineer

Mohamed Kadi

Head of product

Dylan Vagenende

Business development rep

Seppe Van Isterdael

Project manager

Kaja Verhoeven Zupanc

NLP engineer

Lukas Vandenheede

Business development rep

Anthony Sofoeva

Business development rep

Bilal Errahil

Project manager

Bente Scheerlinck

Business Development Rep

Julian Sewell

Customer Success Officer

Tusem Güngör

QA Engineer

Vince Naessens

Full-Stack Engineer

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