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Are you a Metamaze superhero?

We’re a group of passionate and curious individuals who have a healthy obsession with eliminating mankind from boring, repetitive work. If you feel rebellious, you’re curious,  like to ask questions, and you don’t accept the status quo, we’d really like to meet you.

Our pathfinders

We call our values our ‘pathfinders’. They help us when making important decisions and guide us when we’re trapped in a “maze”, professionally or personally.

If you’re ever in a maze, these characteristics will help you get out of there…

Take ownership

We think and act like an entrepreneur. We strive for good results and progress. A stand still is not an option. We see opportunities when we’re presented with them and we do what it takes to achieve our goals. We think like a CEO and take full ownership and accountability for our work. We are not afraid to fail, forgive and forget. I’d rather ask for forgiveness than permission, as long
as I’ll always act in the best interest of the customer and company.

Leave no one behind

We’re a team and a family. We respect each other and take our jobs more seriously than ourselves. We’ll do whatever it takes to make each other successful. If an individual is struggling, the entire team is struggling. Together we can smoothen the path. As an individual you can’t liberate the world from boring and mind-numbing work. As a team, we can.

Aim for customer delight

Whatever happens, our customers always come first. Metamaze exists to make our customers successful. If we’re not automating boring work and making our customers more efficient, we should stop what we’re doing.

Be pragmatic

We don’t overcomplicate things and stick to our goals. We don’t believe in theories as long as they are not proven. We like structure and clarity, but we hate over-engineering.


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