Metamaze for banks

Banks are using our platform to reduce costs, improve efficiency and boost customer experience. We help you automate complex finance processes from input to actionable data.

Remove points of friction in document-heavy key processes.

Transform manual, inaccurate processes involving documents and incoming emails into controlled, automated flows and reduce time to revenue, improve customer experience and loyalty, and enable compliance.

Speed up loan applications

A typical loan folder consists of various document types with an average of 100-200 pages in total. These processes are so document-intensive, streamlining the loan application and approval processes is key to improving the customer experience. 

Metamaze can help you process the same amount of loan application documents with less than 50% of the time and effort.

Customer onboarding

Half of the customer onboarding process is spent on manually checking and entering data from documents into the bank’s core system. 

Metamaze will speed up the classification and data extraction, which helps reduce document-processing costs and speeding up customer onboarding. 

Mailroom automation

Automate day to day account servicing requests like beneficiary updates, address changes, maintenance requests, …

Metamaze can automate these document processes, validate the data and integrate it into specific teams, operating systems and tasks.

A smart solution for smart banks

To enhance customer experiences, streamline operations and capitalize on new business opportunities, leaders must sharpen their process intelligence. 

Unlock exceptional customer experiences

Reducing the average onboarding time, speeding up loan application processes and requests. Your clients will love you for it.

Process more and faster

When you no longer depend on the capacity of your manual workforce, scalability will fuel your growth.

Save costs

Save on document processing and back office costs. Free your team from routine paperwork and let them focus on high-value work.

Achieve 97% + accuracy

Work with predictable accuracy levels that improve over time and no longer depend on the state of mind of your employees.

Back-office automation in banking

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