Configurable and extensible pipeline system.

Metamaze is an intelligent solution that can handle diverse types of documents with a high degree of accuracy and minimal manual oversight. 

The brains in the background.

Winning organizations process and interpret documents faster than their competition because they back away from outdated and slow manual document processes causing delays and frustrations. Future-fit organizations choose an adaptive Intelligent Document Processing solution, like Metamaze.

Intelligent Document Processing pipeline Metamaze


Faster onboarding by focusing on the annotation process first​.

Optimal Document Selection Strategy

Annotating documents randomly loses costly human annotator time with documents that are already perfectly predicted and understood by the AI model. ​ Instead, by using the “Suggested annotation tasks”, you can reduce the annotation effort by 50% while improving the accuracy of your model. This approach is called active learning.​

Auto-correct for annotation mistakes​

The best way to get consistently high automation rates is to have consistent annotations. All annotators make mistakes. ​ By using Suggested Review tasks, you get targeted suggestions on potential annotation mistakes in the training set. Instead of reviewing the whole set field per field manually, you only look at the problematic annotations.

Fully customizable pipeline​

Clutter-free, simple user interface for daily operations​

AI operators see only what they have to see: an overview of the work they can pick up, along with everything that needs to happen for that document. This is true for production, training, QA tasks, and anywhere else.

Queues are real-time and can be filtered on language, document type, custom metadata, document name, ID, upload date, or assigned user.

If an operator gets stuck during annotation or validation, documents can be parked with a comment for further assistance or review by managers.

Clear production and model analytics​

Metamaze has detailed production analytics with so your team can continuously measure and further improve quality and automation rate.

Model analytics give deep insight into metrics calculated during the training of the model, like expected STP rate, f1 score, precision, recall for all regular entities and composite entities. Precision/recall curves can be used to optimally define the confidence threshold. Confusion matrices can be used to see if it would make sense to merge document types and where the model still makes mistakes.

Feature details

Data and model management

Track, compare, monitor and optimize model development, from training all the way to production.

Fast & easy labeling

Manage data labeling guidelines to facilitate the data entry users with step-by-step instructions.

Human intervention configurable

Manage quality threshold and determine human-in-the-loop processes all by yourself.

Unique blend of AI and humans

We use feedback from human-in-the-loop processes as input data for the deep learning models.

User roles

Advanced role and user management capabilities for proper feature allocation and protection from accidental misuse or abuse.


Real-time overview of what is happening and possibilities to collaborate with other team members.

Audit trail

Any activity on the platform, human or AI, will be logged within Metamaze's detailed audit trail.


Real-time dashboards that monitor performance (cost, savings, ...) and various parameters (STP rate, data quality, ...).

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