Configurable and extensible pipeline system.

Metamaze is an intelligent solution that can handle diverse types of documents with a high degree of accuracy and minimal manual oversight. 

The brains in the background.

Winning organizations process and interpret documents faster than their competition because they back away from outdated and slow manual document processes causing delays and frustrations. Future-fit organizations choose a smart Intelligent Document Processing solution, like Metamaze.

Intelligent Document Processing pipeline Metamaze


Unique intelligent data quality improvement

Metamaze Optimal Document Selection Strategy

Only those documents that will improve the quality of the solution the fastest, will be pushed as a suggested annotation task. This significantly reduces the cost over 50% in terms of annotation-effort, compared to other solutions, while obtaining the same level of quality.

Metamaze Advanced Quality Assurance Model

We use advanced machine learning techniques that continuously monitor which documents contain annotation anomalies that risk degrading the overall quality and accuracies of your solution. This approach protects your solution against model drift, degraded quality assurance, and more.


Full end-to-end control


Work queues provide a real-time and continuous overview of what is happening inside Metamaze while providing an organized manner to control and manage human intervention and QA tasks for large and small-sized teams.

In addition, Team Queues ensure a smooth collaboration with other team members by providing features to better organize working together. Using Metamaze’s signature easy-to-use interface, operators are able to quickly filter and handle the relevant documents and/or languages in the team queues.

Furthermore, if an operator requires assistance during labelling or human validation, documents can be parked and queued for further assistance or review from managers.

Monitoring dashboards

Metamaze brings real-time dashboarding to inform members of your organization with all relevant metrics in terms of costs, savings, performance, and quality of your IDP solution, so your team can continuously measure and improve quality and performance.

Analytics dashboards provide your managers with a view that allows tracking of various parameters such as STP rate, document-level and information-level processing, human validation operator performance, label annotating performance, data quality, numbers of errors fixed, time taken to fix the errors, etc.


Feature details

Data and model management

Track, compare, monitor and optimize model development, from training all the way to production.

Fast & easy labeling

Manage data labeling guidelines to facilitate the data entry users with step-by-step instructions.

Human intervention configurable

Manage quality threshold and determine human-in-the-loop processes all by yourself.

Unique blend of AI and humans

We use feedback from human-in-the-loop processes as input data for the deep learning models.

User roles

Advanced role and user management capabilities for proper feature allocation and protection from accidental misuse or abuse.


Real-time overview of what is happening and possibilities to collaborate with other team members.

Audit trail

Any activity on the platform, human or AI, will be logged within Metamaze's detailed audit trail.


Real-time dashboards that monitor performance (cost, savings, ...) and various parameters (STP rate, operator performance, data quality, ...).

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