No-code Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform enables innovative digitalisation

Platform overview

Metamaze is capable of ingesting multiple document types, from all common sources and in all common file formats. Whether it is an Office 365 document, email, or scanned PDF, Metamaze will interpret the contents of the documents with an above-human precision and speed. The extracted values are sent back to your back-end in a structured format using API, RPA or any of our standard connector integrations.

Optional human validation can be configured depending on the accuracy level you need.

Configurable and extensible pipeline system

The brains in the background

Where Metamaze makes the biggest difference is in their AI expertise. Users only need half the time and effort to reach the same automation results as competitors in the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) market that lack the “brains in the background” to achieve the same results.

As it stands, competitors fall short in the most important aspect: how to build custom machine learning models improved by the data of the clients. In this regard, Metamaze software is distinguished by its proprietary deep learning algorithm that requires only a few exceptional documents to be annotated to gain the most learnings possible. In essence, one only needs 50% of the documents to reach the same accuracy in Straight Through Processing (STP) as other IDP platforms. As a result, AI will free up office workers to do more value-adding activities across all departments.


Ingesting documents

Upload documents in the application, via RPA or via the API



Image enhancement, OCR and layout analysis


Document Classification

Detect document types and merge/split pages.

Document Classification

Extract Text Information

Extract, parse and link text, dates, currencies, line items, …

Extract Text Information

Extract Image Information

Recognise signatures, handwriting, stamps, logo’s, …

Extract Image Information

Business Rules

Validate data consistency and apply custom logic

Business Rules


Send results to external systems, using the API or RPA



Best in class Artificial Intelligence

Metamaze introduces unprecedented levels of intelligent document processing

Next-generation deep learning

Metamaze is built by a stellar team of AI experts that bring more than 100 years of combined experience into the field of Natural Language Processing.

This team, considered to be at the crest of European talent, is behind some of the latest breakthroughs in the field of IDP, including state-of-the-art multi-modal transformer-based deep learning algorithms enabling the Metamaze technology to process both simple as well as complex and unstructured documents.

Blending multiple domains in AI, such as computer vision, the Metamaze team keeps benchmarking and performing bleeding-edge R&D to continuously stay ahead of the competition and give our users the unique capabilities to extract, understand and process entire documents, including text, dates, currencies, tables, signatures, stamps, page numbers and much more.

Full end-to-end control

A unique no-code interface to control manage your intelligent document processing solution

Easy and granular configuration

Allows administrators to configure the pipeline, enable input and output security settings, add new use cases, define entities that need to be extracted, customize the accuracy thresholds for classification and extraction of entities, and modify business validation rules, create label patterns and manage user access controls.

Allows managers to upload the documents by batches, observe dashboards and human worker performance, label, and train AI models, perform quality assurance tasks.

Allows labelers and human validation operators to annotate and validate the data.

All this from within one single, user-friendly user interface.

Data and model quality

Continuously improve performance and quality by managing a unique blend of artificial intelligence and human validation

Advanced data and model management

Metamaze supports your organizational context and offers each and every team member a powerful toolset to build, train and manage the data and models that support your document processing solution.

Metamaze enables its users to track, compare, monitor, and optimize model development, from training all the way into production. Hereby, Metamaze never stops providing its users with granular insights down to the level of who labeled what entity for what model, all the way up to high-level performance scores, successfully enabling to compare improvements against previous models.

This level of advanced data and model management ensures your organization is always and transparently in control over the quality and performance of your Metamaze overall solution.

Enterprise grade

The security, stability and maturity any organization expects

Security by design, SSO & MFA

Metamaze understands how data protection and security is a vital cornerstone of your organization and has a security-by-design approach. This means that security testing is an integral part of our software development lifecycle, security requirements are constantly considered as part of our roadmap.

Using Single-Sign-On you can rest-assured Metamaze access is integrated within your federation, identification, and authentication landscape. With support for SAML SSO, Metamaze integrates seamlessly within common enterprise environments, such as Active Directory, OpenSSO, Red Hat Directory Servers, and more.

In order to further secure the access at an organizational level, Multi-Factor Authentication can be enabled, forcing users towards a more secure authentication for accessing Metamaze. Introducing these, and more, security features, Metamaze fits perfectly into your organization’s ISO27000 compliance.

Built to integrate

Interface with your existing IT landscape through easy integrations


Metamaze is built to be the integrated brain that augments your document processing flow with AI capabilities. As it ingests documents from a variety of sources and sends the extracted information to other IT systems, support for REST API’s and Webhooks was integral to the development of Metamaze.

Metamaze offers robustscalable and secure APIs that drive your business.

Different API security solutions are configurable and thanks to our extensive documentation and professional support it’s easy to integrate your tools and data.

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