Automate your order intake process with AI

Learn on this page why automating incoming orders with IDP can help you save money and create more efficient processes.

Why automate the order intake process?

When you take a look at the entire order process, there are a lot of manual touchpoints. The first one (order intake touchpoint), however, will determine the speed, cost, and correctness of the rest of the process. Automating this step is low-hanging fruit and creates mind-blowing ROI for companies.

Overview of order process with manual touchpoints in yellow circles

Why automate orders with IDP?

IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) is a technology that uses AI to classify and extract data from documents and emails, like incoming orders in your general mailbox. A lot of organizations are still processing this step manually or with the usage of basic OCR technology. But in both cases, it’s not a sustainable solution. 

  1. Manual data entry work is the highest source of errors and is taking up a lot of time. This makes it a very costly process.
  2. OCR engines are hard-coded, meaning that OCR solutions need a lot of maintenance and development. This also results in a solution that is only automating orders partly and the maintenance makes it even costly. 

So you need an intelligent solution: Intelligent Document Processing.

So what ROI to expect when you automate orders with IDP?

The biggest question of course is which ROI to expect from doing so? Besides soft metrics like better employee and client experience, we have developed a proven ROI calculator that can give you a first idea of potential ROI. 

Discover success stories from companies automating their order intake process

Discover how manufacturer Group Nivelles saves 70 hrs/month/FTE and lowers order processing costs by 64% by implementing Metamaze.

Discover how Robonext & Metamaze resulted in automation of more than 80% of incoming orders and 80% reduction in errors. 

Learn how Sports & Leisure Group automatically extracts information from invoices and orders and enters that information in SAP. 

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