Embrace Automation or Pay the Price: Reveal The High Cost of Manual Order Processing

In today’s fast-paced business environment, automation is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. Our intelligent document processing platform offers you a glimpse into the future of order processing. Are you ready to leave behind the costly, time-consuming manual methods?

Order processing: a maze of manual touchpoints

Conventional order processing affects business efficiency

Manual order processing isn’t just slow; it’s a bottleneck that hampers your entire operation. Studies reveal that manual methods can increase processing time by up to 5 times compared to automated solutions. This sluggish pace affects not just delivery times but also customer satisfaction and the ability to capitalize on new opportunities.

The cost of inaction: a closer look

Increasing staff costs

Continued reliance on manual processes means an ever-growing team. Understand how not automating forces you to hire more personnel, escalating your payroll expenses.

The Price of Stagnation

Doing nothing is a decision too. Discover the escalating costs of manual processing as your business grows, from inefficiencies to lost opportunities.

Temporary Staff Expenses

Relying on temporary employees to manage order peaks? This short-term fix comes with long-term costs. Learn how automation provides a more sustainable solution.

Try Our Cost Of Inaction Calculator

Input your current manual processing details to reveal the financial burden of not switching to automation. See the savings you’re missing out on, and the unnecessary costs you’re incurring.

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Discover success stories from companies automating their order intake process

Discover how manufacturer Group Nivelles saves 70 hrs/month/FTE and lowers order processing costs by 64% by implementing Metamaze.

Discover how Robonext & Metamaze resulted in automation of more than 80% of incoming orders and 80% reduction in errors. 

Learn how Sports & Leisure Group automatically extracts information from invoices and orders and enters that information in SAP. 

See order intake automation in action?

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