Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks

Use AI to automate your document processing

Automate any time-consuming document processing tasks - simple or complex.

Why you should choose an Artificial Intelligence based platform

Go beyond traditional OCR

Classic template-based solutions only work for limited amounts of layouts that don’t change over time. However, once things become more complex with higher variation, you’ll need an approach based on Artificial Intelligence such as Metamaze. With Metamaze, you can build accurate document processing models faster and with less data thanks to our proprietary active learning models.

Template Solutions

Template-based solutions often based on traditional OCR techniques, require structured input with fixed layouts.

Changes in document formats or layouts require extensive manual work to create, maintain and adjust the templates, because the system memorizes the layout.

Static performance over time.

Artificial Intelligence

AI can handle unstructured input like free form text (e.g. documents, scans, text, e-mails, documents, …) with unlimited variety.

The algorithms learn from context and are flexible to input format changes because they interpret text and layout, not just memorize it.

These self learning models improve over time through exception validation.


Unique Metamaze assets

Metamaze intelligent document processing platform allows administrators and managers to add new use cases, define information that need to be extracted, upload the documents by batches, manage user access controls, observe dashboards, label and train AI models, customize the accuracy thresholds for classification and extraction of entities, and modify business validation rules, all from within one single, user-friendly user interface.

Data and model quality

Continuously improve performance and quality by managing a unique blend of artificial intelligence and human validation

Built to integrate

Interface with your existing IT landscape through easy integrations

Product support and services

Smooth journey experience and product support

Built for and adopted by enterprises.

Why you are in good hands

Metamaze specialises in supporting any document, generic or custom to your organisation. The platform, the people and our experience all help you automate your document processing needs as fast and as accurate as possible.

“Trusted by several of the most impactful companies worldwide, now relying on Metamaze to optimize their mission critical processes.”

Through our internal PhD-level research teams and university partnerships, we offer artificial intelligence technology unavailable anywhere else.

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Straight through processing

Built on experience, but tailored to your specific requirements

A proven methodology

Metamaze has invested a lot of research and development into making sure onboarding documents is faster and more accurate than ever before.

You’re in good company

Trusted by Industry Leaders

They have already started saving time, thanks to Metamaze.

Our mission at Metamaze

Automate the boring stuff

Employee satisfaction comes first

At Metamaze we believe in the extraordinary value of people. All too often, human capital within organizations remains unused and underestimated.

“Billions of USD are still being spent yearly on manual data entry, restructuring, and validation.”

People should no longer be occupied with mind-numbing, boring and non-value adding activities. We believe the world can be a better, safer and more effective place when every resource is exploiting their strengths to the maximum. As of 2021, it is no longer acceptable that these precious and irreplaceable gifts are squandered by sub-optimal allocation of resources.

Your sure bet at digital transformation success

We understand that you have already mapped out your strategic direction. You know where you want to be 5 years from now. Now it’s time to start using technology and digital to your advantage. Intelligent Document Processing is a proven technology with a very clear ROI. Start small, scale quick.

Platform vs Point Solution

The burden of processing documents remains a global one as 80% of enterprise data is still unstructured and requires huge amounts of manual data input tasks. To help solve this, enterprises are already looking at “point solutions” to help them automate data extraction. This could very well be enough for numerous businesses that only need 1 or 2 types of document types processed, such as invoices or emails. But, for those clients with more “custom” documents such as loan-applications that require extensive validation, audit trails and fraud prevention, working with templates, syntaxes and prefab models of out-of-the-box automation software is an unmaintainable nightmare. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in.

““Intelligent” capture is even more dynamic than automated capture as it leverages the power of both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).”

This means that truly intelligent capture software can extract the right information and make sense of a wide variety of documents on its own. Information and documents change all the time, so your intelligent document processing (IDP) software must learn and adapt with it.

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