An adaptive IDP platform that helps you classify and extract data from any document and email.

Our adaptive IDP platform is built for flexibility and is able to adapt itself to changing business requirements. 

A smart platform for future-proof organizations.

Winning organizations process and interpret documents faster than their competition because they back away from outdated and slow manual document processes causing delays and frustrations. Future-fit organizations choose an adaptive Intelligent Document Processing solution, like Metamaze.

Automate 50 to 98% of the manual work, leading to improved employee well-being, lower labor costs and more time for value-adding activities.​

Process more, faster and with less mistakes, resulting in improved customer experience.

Unlock data and insights that were hidden before so you can outsmart the competition.

Automate documents


A platform that adapts to your process, and your documents

Adaptive IDP platforms like Metamaze are flexible systems that adapt to your process and learn through fully integrated human feedback. Metamaze is not a rigid off-the-shelf ‘one-size fits no-one’ solution.


Keep the human when needed.

Metamaze is designed to be used by any business user and does not require coding or AI skills to configure, release or maintain.


Built for Enterprise compliance

Metamaze is capable of ingesting multiple document types, from all common sources and in all common file formats. Whether it is an Office 365 document, email, or scanned PDF, Metamaze will interpret the content of the documents with an above-human precision and speed.

Discover customer cases

Get inspired by the stories of innovative enterprises that saved time and resources with Metamaze.

Airports save more than 80% of their time processing airway bills by using the new Champ A2Z scanner integration with Metamaze

Discover how Axa bank was able to decrease loan application processing time with 50%.

Learn how Europ Assistance is automating all incoming communications with Metamaze.

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Learn how Metamaze can help you automate any document and email in your organization. Book a demo with one of our experts and we’ll give you a quick tour of our product.

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