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Virtual DI summit on demand replay

FinTech AI Adoption & Benefits

Niels Van Weereld will be showing how IDP helps the financial industry gain operational efficiency at the Virtual DI Summit by FINTECH BELGIUM.
Niels Van Weereld Metamaze shaking hands with Jos Polfliet
Niels Van Weereld
Chief Commercial Officer @ Metamaze
Headshot Toon Vanagt
Toon Vanagt
Tech Entrepreneur & Lean Startup Coach
Jean Luc Verhelst
Jean-Luc Verhelst
Bitcoin & Blockchain Author Speaker Trainer & Advisor

IDP in logistics

Did you know Metamaze has created up to 85% straight through processing in only a couple of weeks? Yes, that is from input to output without any human intervention!
Jo Cijnsmans
Business Development Manager

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