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Why documents are the nightmare of every credit analyst. By Liesa Coulleit | October 31, 2022 It’s no secret that loan processes are paper-intensive and

Metamaze connect recap

Metamaze Connect 2022 recap By Jo Cijnsmans | September 20, 2022 This year, we decided to take our yearly partner event to the next level.

RPA vs IDP: what’s the difference and how can they work together? By Jo Cijnsmans | August 3, 2022 When navigating the tech landscape to

We benchmarked ourselves against Microsoft, Google and Amazon. By Liesa Coulleit | July 14, 2022 The past months, we’ve been working on some benchmarking experiments

Retrain your models fast with incremental learning By Liesa Coulleit | June 30, 2022 In our previous blogpost, we talked about the importance of good

Seasonal spikes in claims cost insurers a lot of money By Liesa Coulleit | June 15, 2022 Every year, insurers must handle seasonal spikes of

Why we build Metamaze on data-centric AI By Liesa Coulleit | June 10, 2022 From the very first start of Metamaze, we were convinced

Metamaze awarded as Tech Start-up Of The Year By Liesa Coulleit | June 3, 2022 Being rewarded as Tech Start-Up Of The Year during Datanews

METAMAZE FRIDAY Validate document information with business rules | May 18, 2022 Every Friday, we highlight a specific feature or part of our Metamaze platform.

Banks moving from front-end to back-end transformation. By Liesa Coulleit | March 8, 2022 Banks have been under pressure for quite some time now. Digital

This blog gives you 3 reasons to replace your legacy OCR solution with an AI-based, intelligent document processing platform.

Discover how Intelligent Document Processing (AI) will boost your employee productivity and happiness.

Progress in Artificial Intelligence is fast and often with spikes, but still we can make some reasonable forecast of what intelligent systems can do now, and where technology is going.

You would think I was nervous to start working at Metamaze. Well, I wasn’t. The welcoming atmosphere made me feel at home straight away.

Wether you are automating internal processes, or want to incorporate intelligent document processing as part of your own software, you might be thinking:   Should I build my own custom intelligent document processing solution or work with a partner?

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