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Automation is key for companies that want to remain competitive in a fast-paced and quickly changing world. TheValueChain and Metamaze partner up.

A lot of companies are answering the high inflation environment with price increases. But we believe that companies need to rethink their answer far beyond the traditional commercial levers. Learn how you can make a difference and increase margins in this article.

Metamaze was again present at Multimodaal at Breda. We had a bunch of interesting conversations and Jo gave a well-received keynote about implementing IDP in the logistics & transportation industry. Here you get a summary of what the keynote was about.

Are you tired of feeling like your models are a mysterious black box with no insight into how they work and evolve? Do you want to take control of the performance and improve your models with ease? We're thrilled to spotlight the in-depth Model Analytics feature that takes this to the next level.

Loan processes are paper-intensive. But what makes them a nightmare for credit analysts? And how can it be better?

Metamaze connect recap

This year, we decided to take our yearly partner event to the next level. Well, nine levels to be exact because the 2022 edition of Metamaze Connect was hosted at ‘Het MAS’! A recap...

RPA and IDP, how do they differ from each other? But most importantly: how can they enhance each other’s strengths and help you with end-to-end automation of business processes.

Discover the detailed benchmark study, method and results in this article.

In this article, we’ll give you some insights on how incremental learning improves and accelerates the training of your solution.

Every year, insurers must handle seasonal spikes of insurance claims. Mostly during storms. Handling these claims, usually results in hiring an extra temporary workforce. But could it be different?

From the very first start of Metamaze, we were convinced to build our platform based on data-centric AI. There is a lot to do about it right now, so we decided to write this blogpost about it.

Being rewarded as Tech Start-Up Of The Year during Datanews awards 2022 honestly was a big surprise for us. “The jury believed in our added value and thanks to a wonderful portfolio of clients we were able to bring the award home.”, tells CEO Niels Van Weereld.

60% of customer dissatisfaction originates in the bank's back office. The biggest part of customer centre contact points is the result of execution issues in the back office. So what’s going on?

This blog gives you 3 reasons to replace your legacy OCR solution with an AI-based, intelligent document processing platform.

Discover how Intelligent Document Processing (AI) will boost your employee productivity and happiness.

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