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My first month at Metamaze

It’s a match!

No, this isn’t Tinder. It’s the feeling you get after a month of working at Metamaze. Especially if you’re motivated, eager to learn, and not afraid to make mistakes. To be honest, I already had this feeling after the first conversation I’ve had during the hiring process. Starting at a first actual job is always a very big deal. It’s basically the start of a career. So, you would think I was super nervous to start working at Metamaze. Well, I wasn’t. The welcoming atmosphere made me feel at home straight away. It was very clear that the Metamaze team is young, driven, down-to-earth, but especially fun.

Getting started

My first couple of days were overwhelming, in a good way. Getting introduced to the platform, my daily tasks, all the new people, and presenting my first introduction pitch on the 4th day of working at Metamaze was, to say the least, exciting. How can you possibly pitch a product you’ve known for 4 days to the Business Development Manager and CEO who have been working on this for already a couple of years? You just do it and take in their feedback. That’s how we did it and I liked that a lot. Trial and error. This perfectly describes the way of working at Metamaze. Even as a rookie, you get the opportunity to do your own thing and learn from your mistakes.  

Back to physical events

During my second week, we hosted our first physical partner event. Can you imagine?

After more than a year of doing almost everything online, having a physical event, in a brewery (yes, a brewery!), was just amazing. Being on this event with partners and potential partners was firstly great to extend my network but secondly also very learning full. It gave me insights on how our platform perfectly integrates with solutions partners have built, as well as how Intelligent Document Processing exactly helps customers to be more efficient when it comes to document processing. After the event, we went out for dinner with all colleagues who helped hosting it. If you ask me, there’s no better way to onboard a new person on the team.  

Metamaze CONNECT 2021

If you thought this was it of doing fun things during my first month, you’re wrong. New week, new physical event! During the third week, there was a teambuilding event with the two other companies, Faktion and Chatlayer, that are part of our AI family. Again, a great way of getting to know new people in this crazy, innovative AI world.  
New week, new event? Wrong! New day, new event! The day after the amazing teambuilding afternoon, I got the opportunity to discover some local terraces with our sales team. At the end of the evening, our CEO, Niels said:

Onboarding complete!

I was now officially part of the sales team. This again perfectly describes our organization. The ‘work hard, play hard mentality’ is simply such a great and fun way of working.

Teambuilding at Felix Pakhuis

Responsibility and flexibility

Of course, apart from all this, there’s still a job to do. As a Sales Development Representative, you’d think it’s all about cold-calling, cold-mailing, and reaching your targets. Well, at Metamaze it isn’t. The biggest part of my tasks is strategic lead generation. This means that I’m both responsible for introducing our company to new prospects as for figuring out how to do this efficiently. A big part of the lead generation process is my responsibility at this point, which I think, as a starter, is kind of cool. 

To conclude, I can proudly state that if you’re ambitious, driven, not afraid to just go for it, and if you want to invest in your personal growth, Metamaze is a great organization to work at.

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