Release 2.0

Release notes

Creating your own custom document type, as a business user, has been a common practice in Metamaze. With this release, we go one step further and give the user the possibility to re-use an existing model via our interface. This is a powerful functionality for corporations who want to build further on work done for a specific department in a certain country or for partners who like to incorporate their own created model in client projects.

Document type is added as a new level

Adding this level allows users to manage, besides specific projects, also custom document types that can be shared among multiple projects and/or organizations.

  • Document types are added to the overview page
  • Besides creating a new document type, it is also possible to add an existing document type to a project
  • For an existing document type, the user can choose per project which entities to reuse and/or new entities to add
  • Document type settings are introduced where organizations can be managed/added who have access to the doctype

Other improvements

The steps to create a project are simplified

Time needed to create a project is even lower than before

Name of logged-in user and organization are added to the navigation bar

Instead of ‘user’ and ‘system’ we now show the name of the user and the name of the organization

The number of documents in human validation and accuracy are added to the overview page

You no longer need to open every specific project to know the accuracy of the model(s) and/or amount of documents waiting to be validated

OCR speed has been increased by a factor 2x

Start annotating almost right after you have uploaded the training documents

New pipeline for training incremental models

The amount of time needed to train an incremental model has been drastically improved

Various performance improvements, security improvements and bug fixes

We are constantly working on improving our performance and security

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